Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Weather Check!

Why is it that as soon as I left the library yesterday, I had more books available to check out by the time I returned home?  Dammit!

So I receive text messages from (The Weather Channel's website) every morning, telling me the abbreviated 36-hour forecast.  Every morning, my phone dings at around 8:25, and either I or S will say, "Weather check!"  Today, it was expanded to me saying, "Weather check!  We might have weather today, let's see."  Then I read the forecast out loud and S said, "Wait, let's double check that," and opened the window and said, "Yep, there's weather out there."

We are hilarious.

Today's plans include laundry, the library, bathing, finishing the grocery shopping, and possibly learning to cook steak.  Not necessarily in that order.  (Quite mundane, really.)

I hate this butterfly garden commercial they have on Sprout 5486379 times a day.  Where do the caterpillars come from?  Do they sell them in the winter, too?  What if they're butterflies that aren't naturally supposed to be in the climate of the new owners?  Poor butterflies.  I feel so sorry for them.

I woke up a lot easier this morning, which was nice.  S was shouting at the Toddler two minutes before my alarm and I managed to get up right away and help her.  He had escaped and was in Girl Child's room, trying to destroy her art supplies, and when I picked him up, he peed and it leaked right out of his diaper and onto my foot and Girl Child's floor.  What a way to start the day.  But now I'm full of coffee and he's occupied by Sprout, and S and I are reading MLIA stories to each other.  Who knows what's going to happen the rest of today, but it's been a good morning so far, even with the pee-on-foot incident.

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