Cast of People in My Crazy Life

As I've mentioned more and more people, it's become really confusing for me, since no one is mentioned by name.  This is a list of the people I mention and discuss, mostly to help me remember who is who and also to help any readers of this blog keep track.


MB - H's step-aunt, except she's our age.  Currently lives with me and H.

S - the person I probably mention the most, one of my closest friends.  Is married to J.
J - one of my closest friends, but he doesn't have the same schedule as the rest of the house, so I rarely see him or have a reason to talk about him.  S's husband.
Girl Child - the adolescent daughter of S and J
Toddler - the toddler son of S and J.  He will be called Boy Child when he is older.
M - male housemate, very close friend of S and J.  Don't see him often, but he is awesome.
Sunshine - two and a half year old golden retriever
Shadow - black mutt of indeterminate age (we think around five or six)

Other People

SM - S's mother, who occasionally visits
SD - S's father, who occasionally accompanies SM for visits
JGM - J's grandmother
W - S and J's friend, who we play D&D with on weekends
A - W's girlfriend, and another family friend, also plays D&D with us on weekends
LW - W's two year old son, who is named after W
G - S and M's friend that comes over to game sometimes
AC - close friend of S, Facebook friend of mine, very nice person
AB - friend of J's that occasionally visits (never going to see her again, actually)

C - an old friend who I've recently gotten back in touch with
GM - friend from online, and introduced by C several years ago
CN - old friend from high school
JHB - a good friend of mine
H - a close friend from high school

AD - old friend from work whose baby I occasionally baby-sit
MD - AD's husband
TD - AD and MD's baby

E - a friend of mine since we were 9
LK - a friend of mine since we were 7, also friends with E for ages, too
MK - LK's mother
DM - E's father
CR - E's mother
SC - E's stepmother who rarely gets a mention (she hates me), also has the same first name as S, which makes conversation very confusing with DM and E sometimes


CAR - what I call my work on this blog
Boss - my boss!
SL - Boss's girlfriend who is a supervisor at my work
CRN - the assistant manager at my work
RP - female coworker that I work with a lot
LT - in-office female coworker who is friends with RP
JV - only male coworker, also an in-office person
AJ - female coworker that is weird like me
HL - SL's daughter, sometimes she comes in to work in the office

I will be adding to this as I mention more and more people.