Photo Gallery

S took this photo.  Birds!  On the roof!  And in mid-flight!
September 2011

This is how I discovered what snails look like, having only previously looked long enough to determine that they were, in fact, snails.  I still think they're gross, though.

Shadow being adorable.  August 18, 2011

Sunshine sleeping like a freak.  August 18, 2011

The Toddler.  Sitting on a tote.  August 14, 2011.  He's 21 months now.

I haven't colored this in yet because I'm waiting to go to Kinko's because Girl Child wants a copy to color in, too, and I promised I wouldn't color it until she had her own copy.  If you look carefully you can see the sign of the Deathly Hallows and several eyes.

I haven't decided what to call this, but this is the result of drawing while watching Firefly and Serenity.

Me in bed with Sunshine, June 18, 2011

Shadow and Sunshine cuddling, June 2011

Girl Child's idea of having fun while doing dishes

E and her dog, Buddy

Shadow and his pretty eyes.  This is the only photo I've ever gotten of his actual eye color.

Shadow and Sunshine during a quick break from chasing the laser pointer.

This is S with her kludged straw the day she hurt her foot.  (May 2, 2011)

I think I'm hilarious.

My gaming dice.

This is a photo of me in 2008, when I was working at a fast food restaurant.