A Brief History

I decided it was time to explain a little bit about myself.  You can call me L.

I started this blog not long after I turned 24, as a way to write about my life and ignore my Facebook some more.  I am a veteran of LiveJournal (I created my first LiveJournal in 2002, about six months too late to be considered an "early adopter") and Xanga, and remember Trillian when it didn't suck.

I decided when I created this blog that I didn't want much, if any, identifying information attached to this blog, partly as an attempt to keep potential employers from finding it and partly because I'm weird that way.  This is why everyone mentioned in the posts are identified only by initials or nicknames, unless they're a dog.

My world is very small right now and mostly concerns only myself and my strange patchwork family that I live with - a married couple I met through a previous job when they were customers, their two children, and their best friend.  And the dogs, of course.  My posts are mundane and probably only interesting to me, so I don't imagine I'll ever end up with a huge following.  It's not like I impart much wisdom or advice, but maybe through my example people will start using apostrophes properly.

I love geeky things - Firefly, Harry Potter, Star Trek, Star Wars, Zelda, and other video games.  I enjoy geek culture.  I don't talk about it much in my blog because my blog is mostly about my life, which doesn't really revolve around that stuff, but it happens.  I play Dungeons and Dragons.  I'm a pretty new player, but I'm getting better at it and am even starting to be able to roleplay properly as I relax about it more and more.  I love music and disaster movies.

There's not much more to be said than that.