Monday, May 2, 2011


Looking back at the most recent entry, it occurs to me that absolutely no one but the people that know me will know what I'm talking about when I talk about the people in my life.

I decided not to use anyone's name on this blog, so everyone is represented by a description or their first initial.

Here are the (primary) people in my life:

S - probably my closest friend.  She understands me better than pretty much anyone, and she's like a sister to me.
J - another very close friend.  S's husband, also my ex-boyfriend.  (Loooong story.)
Girl Child - S and J's adolescent daughter. Her first initial is also S, so to avoid confusion, she is Girl Child.
Toddler/Boy Child - S and J's toddler son.  His first initial is also J, so to avoid confusion, he is Toddler, or Boy Child later as he gets older.
M - housemate in the basement.  He is cool, funny, and pretty much all-around awesome.  He is the best friend of J, and a very close friend of S.  Also a mentor/close friend of Girl Child.
Shadow - a black mutt of indeterminate age (he's supposed to be about three, but we think he's closer to five).  He is the Best Dog in the Whole World.
Sunshine - two and a half year old golden retriever.  She is a simple dog. She is awesome, but simple and terrified of everything, and I'm pretty sure she hallucinates.  She also has food aggression toward Shadow.

I am the youngest adult in the house by three or four years, and am only about 11 years older than Girl Child.

Other people will be W, A, and W's son, who I haven't thought of a clever pseudonym for yet, but they don't live here, they just visit for D&D almost every weekend.

Here is an explanation of my life:

I live with five other people in a 900 square foot, 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom house.  It is crazy, there's no privacy, and since I'm unemployed, I spend a lot of time with these people.  I don't think I would want to change it, because as insane as it is, I love it.  I love being here, I love the people I live with, and even though I'd be happier if I had a job, I love my life right now.


  1. Do you even love it when you have to take care of my poor, gimpy self and my kids while I'm all gimped out? LOL