Thursday, May 19, 2011

Graduation Ceremony of Doom and Laundry Stress

My mother's graduation from community college is today.  I really don't want to go, but I don't want to hurt her feelings.  So I'm going.

I was planning on dressing in comfortable clothes and just being casual, but I found out yesterday that other family is going to be there, so now of course I have to dress nicely and polish my toenails and wear makeup and actually do something with my hair.  And wear jewelry.  I feel like I have to look way more together than I actually am.

This morning was kind of weird.  We had to get up a little earlier than usual because J had an early meeting at work, which puts him at work for 12 hours, and the Toddler had a check-up at the doctor.  The poor little guy had to have a shot, too, which was awful, I felt so bad for him.  Because S is currently a gimp, I had to hold him down while the nurse was sticking him, and it was awful, watching his little body cringe in response.  It even made him limp a little.  And everything made him cry after that, too.  There was another baby somewhere in the office who was crying from getting a shot, and it made him start up all over again as we were checking out of the office, and I ended up taking him out into the hallway to wait for S to finish scheduling the next appointment or whatever she was doing.

We had to go to Wal-Mart after that, and it was supposed to be just me and the Toddler going in so S wouldn't have to get herself in and out of Wal-Mart in the rain on crutches, but she wanted to go in so we could look at a replacement for the cassette adapter for the car.  Of course, we forgot all about it and didn't end up buying one at all.  Lots of facepalming.  Yay!  But we managed to buy pretty much everything else we needed to buy, so at least we didn't forget everything.  I got some more yarn so I can finish making all the squares for my afghan, which is exciting, and then later S is going to help me choose a color for the border and edging and stuff, because I've got no idea what I want to use.

I'm exhausted, even after four shots of espresso.  The kitchen is completely covered in mud because of our lovely canines.  Why did it have to rain today?

The Girl Child should be home from school any minute now, which will just add still another layer of chaos to this afternoon's shenanigans.  I love her, but kids do tend to complicate situations sometimes.

The clean laundry pile is currently bigger than me.  Unfortunately, the dirty laundry pile is about three times the size of the clean laundry pile.  Oh boy.  I suggested that we just get rid of all our clothes and become nudists, but M and Girl Child vetoed that idea.  Dammit, now I have to actually fold all of that stuff.  I hate folding, I much prefer the washing part of it.  I'd even rather lug everything to the basement than fold.  Though I do like putting it away once it is folded.  So maybe S can fold everything and I can wash it and put it away.  Woo, teamwork!

Anyway, I need to go check on the Toddler and find something nice to wear for tonight.  Oh my god.

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