Friday, May 6, 2011

Organization, Dead Birds, and Errands

I really like organizing things.  I just spent about half an hour rearranging everything in the refrigerator, throwing away bad food (that cheese was an interesting color!), and getting all the groceries we bought at the store today put away in some semblance of order.  And I enjoyed doing it.  Well, except for the scary meat.  It was purple.  I'm going to finish organizing the whole kitchen later, figure out what to do about the entire loaf of bread that J crushed with the bag of apples, and get all the dishes and stuff fixed up in the cupboards so they all fit, since Girl Child apparently doesn't care about how things are supposed to go in the cupboards.  Arrgh.  That kind of thing drives me crazy, because I'm very much a person who likes everything to have its place.

I discovered how to get myself into a position where I have the energy to do more than chase the Toddler and screw around online.  Espresso.  I love Starbucks with every fibre of my being.  I may actually get some stuff done today, if my motivation stays up.  Woo!  I'm in a terrific mood.  I got something close to enough sleep, had espresso, and now I'm full of energy and good vibes and all sorts of happy things.  I love how enormous quantities of caffeine fill me with goodwill.  Yay!

I'm having a good hair day for once today.  I feel like I actually look good for once, and it's really nice.  My hair decided to do this really cool flippy thing all on its own; all I did was brush it this morning.  I'm wearing my green dangly earrings and a choker I've had since I was 15 that I got from the Rainforest Cafe that used to be at Oak Park Mall a few years ago.  I can't remember what's there now; everything has changed.  Anyway, sorry, I'm the tangent queen.  So I feel really pretty today, which has been rare the last few months, and it feels really good.

Today we went on a few errands, which was an interesting adventure.  When we first were getting ready to leave the house, I discovered the remains of the cute baby robin that couldn't fly that we saw yesterday (when it was still alive).  The neighbors' cat apparently killed it, disemboweled it, removed its legs and head, and left the body and one leg on our front walk, directly in front of the car.  Yuck.  Poor little bird.  And damn cat.  I don't like cats very much.

S and I discovered that Price Chopper actually has those carts for people who have trouble walking, so S didn't end up having to gimp through the whole store, which was good, because we were there for quite awhile.  The Toddler rode in the cart I pushed so we wouldn't have to spend twice as long trying to get him to go where we wanted to go, which turned out to be a good thing anyway, because it gave us a place to keep the crutches and the heavy food. 

We also stopped at the SRS office so I could hand in the letter saying that I do in fact live here so I can continue receiving food stamps.  I made the lady in front of me at the drop box really uncomfortable because I'd had so much espresso by that point that I was no longer able to stand still, so I was happily dancing from foot to foot while she was finishing up her paperwork.  She glanced back at me and I said, "You're fine, I just can't stand still!"  I'm pretty sure that gave her a giggle.

I'm having a really happy day.  And now the Toddler is in his crib and has stopped screaming like a banshee, so I assume he's asleep, which means I can do a few loads of laundry in relative peace, and work on the kitchen between loads, and maybe even read one of the bazillion books I have checked out of the library.

All in all, today is being a great day so far, even with the dead bird.

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