Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Low Blood Sugar and Brain Sprouts

Somehow I have managed to eat almost nothing today, and I am not doing well because of that.  I feel like my belly has been hollowed out and replaced with a beast that will shred me from the inside out, and my brain feels muzzy and uncomprehending.  I don't know how I keep doing this, but it happens with regularity, several times a week.  M just came up for the first time today, and apparently he's going to pick up food for us before we perish.  (S also managed to eat almost nothing today.)

Nothing else of note has really happened today, the Toddler decided that the best receiver of his affections today would be the wall, so he's been repeatedly kissing it, which is probably the funniest thing ever.  I got met with more fun attitude from Girl Child earlier, but that's as always.

Sprout just had a commercial for Sproutarama, and M happened to be walking into the living room and said, "Sproutarama!  It's the only thing that sprouts in your brain!"  Or something.  I've forgotten.

The Toddler is currently wreaking havoc, trying to destroy our fragile brains, and the Girl Child is in the kitchen "doing" the dishes.  (She didn't do a very good job, it turns out, after I made the discovery that all of the bowls she washed either had scum on them or bits of old food.)  S and I are having chocolate milk in an effort to raise our blood sugar enough that we will continue to be gifted with brains instead of sleepy mush.  We'll be eating soon, though, once we make a decision about what it is that we will be eating.

I have nothing else to add, really.  I even gave it an hour or so to make sure, but I'm not terribly clear-headed right now, and I haven't thought of anything, so I guess this one is done.

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