Monday, May 16, 2011

Daily Drivel and Advice

I ended up writing nothing over the last weekend, mostly because I was so irritated with Blogger for deleting the page I had to re-create (the link is just below the title), and also because I’ve been exhausted beyond belief.

I got up at 6:00 after going to sleep around 4:00 on Saturday to help get everything ready to go for the road trip S and J were taking to pick up the riding lawn mower JGM gave them.  I had the house to myself for the whole day, so I ended up going back to sleep around 8:00 and slept until nearly 3:00, so I got nearly enough sleep.  I ended up cleaning the whole living room and taking a ton of laundry downstairs in anticipation of D&D, so we’d have room to play and S could stop dying on her crutches.

W and A came over with LW around 10:00, about the same time that J and S and the children returned, but by this point, it was far too late for game, so we hung out and chatted.  I made cornbread around midnight because it sounded wonderful.  They were here until LW fell asleep on A around 1:00, and then we all hung around the living room doing our own thing until very late.  Saturday was basically a very boring day full of nothing much.

Yesterday was also a nothing-much routine kind of day.  I don’t actually remember a lot about it because of how tired I’ve been.  The only thing that we really did was stop by the library to print some stuff because our printer at home is broken, and then not a whole lot happened.  I’ve been particularly irritable the last few days, not sure why, but I’d really like to keep that under control, since no one in this house has really done anything to deserve me being cranky and snarky toward them.

Today was exhausting because I didn’t get nearly enough sleep.  I fell asleep on S last night while she was showing me stuff in Minecraft, and then when I had to wake up so she could go to bed, I was unable to get back to sleep for almost an hour, then J scared me awake when he came home, and the dogs barked at M when he got home a couple of hours later, which also woke me up, and then the Toddler woke up before 7:00, and from that point onward, his mission for the day seemed to be to destroy the living room and grab stuff that doesn’t belong to him.  Like S’s incense.  I tried to take a nap earlier, but it takes me awhile to fall asleep, and between that and the guitar and the screaming, I managed about 10 minutes, especially since the Toddler decided to pound on the bedroom door and yell at me.  Wah, wah, poor me.

I had a stroke of brilliance earlier in regard to J’s work food - chili and cornbread!  I made a big batch of cornbread and we bought some canned chili at the grocery store, and he’s set!  Yay!

I have no plans in particular for tonight, I’m going to go to sleep early and hopefully get enough sleep so I can have some energy tomorrow (the coffee just doesn’t give me the energy I need anymore, I totally need an espresso maker), and I’m going to try to get some stuff done.  Like making a dent in the laundry, because S, the Toddler, and I are all completely out of clothes.  I’m currently wearing a retired pair of polyester dress pants, and it’s just too warm for that crap.  They don’t breathe.  I’m dying

I talked to C for a bit today.  I’m worried about him, he’s in a similar situation to E, and I hate seeing good people be miserable for no good reason. 

Speaking of E, I also spent a good long time talking to her today as well.  I really feel bad for her, she seems to be stuck between trying to please everyone and wanting to be happy, and she can only have one in this situation.  I hope she and her husband sit down soon and have a discussion, a real discussion, about the things they want out of life, and hopefully he’ll come to the same conclusion that she did, that they need to get a divorce.  She’s just so palpably miserable.  I try to sympathize with her as best I can, even though I’m on the complete opposite end of her viewpoint toward children.  I just don’t think she deserves to be punished because she doesn’t want them.  Not everyone was made to be a parent, and she’s one of those people.  As wonderful as she is, she would be an awful parent.  She likes things to be too clean to be a happy, effective parent.  I don’t know why her husband doesn’t see that, doesn’t see her.  I don’t think he even wants to see her, just the image of what he wants her to be, and I think that’s why he gets so angry when she just isn’t what he expects.  He doesn’t love her for her, and that’s not fair to her.

I don’t understand the attitude to the people who are childfree.  They are still people, and they still deserve respect, and they deserve to do with their lives what they want, even if that doesn’t happen to include children.  E doesn’t deserve to be treated like a brood mare because her mother-in-law wants grandchildren, or because her husband doesn’t care about her wishes.  I have several friends, not just E, who are childfree, and I try to be as supportive as I can, even though I don’t get why E and H hate babies.  Well, I guess I can see why they hate babies, but I see so much good and fun with babies that I can overlook all the gross stuff and the screaming and the sleep deprivation.  I guess that’s the difference between wanting to have children and not wanting to have children, and I will never pressure either E or H or any of my friends who don’t want children to have them.  It’s their decision to make, and I’ll still be just as supportive if they decide in 10 years that they would like to have children, though I have my doubts that either of them will.

I’ve been kind of an advice dispenser today.  Every so often, I just come out with all of this wisdom, and it always seems to be just the right thing to say.  It’s really weird.  I’m really stupid when it comes to managing my own life, but I can find the correct solution for the problems in my friends’ lives, and give them justifying reasons for why they deserve to be happy.  I just wish I could take my own advice sometimes.  (JHB used to call me his source of wisdom because of this weird quirk of mine.)

Anyway, today hasn’t been terribly exciting by any stretch of the imagination.  The Girl Child has slipped back into being sullen and surly, and has gone back to being insulting toward me at random intervals, S and I have been hanging out most of the day, and I’ve finally gotten my first wind and have started doing some of the laundry.  M and J are both at work, and the Toddler is in bed for the night.  Just another day at the crazy house.  Ha.  S is currently making lava waterfalls in Minecraft.

I really have nothing more to say.

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