Saturday, May 14, 2011

Nighttime Hyperactivity

As pretty much everyone may have noticed, Blogger went down yesterday afternoon and did not come back even a little until a little bit ago, though it decided to break my two most recent posts and I had to edit the dates and times and fix the tags, but at least I got those back.  I’ve decided I’m going to back up all my posts from now on.  I also appear to have lost the second page I made that had the list of everyone that I talk about on here, so I hope they bring that back soon.  I put a lot of effort into that and the design surrounding it (like making the tabs look pretty), and I’m going to be rather angry if they don’t get it fixed.

I started writing this post seven hours ago.

I can’t go to sleep.  I’m far too wired, and I’m not even sure why.  I’m just full of hyperactivity and the desire to do something, but I hurt too much physically to do any more than I have.

Tomorrow (which is actually later today, but it’s not tomorrow until I go to sleep and wake up), I’m thinking I might walk up to the library.  Maybe.  Or I could wait until Sunday when S takes Girl Child up there to print some of her stuff for her country report.  I just really feel the need to do something.

Maybe I’m just restless.  If I could do everything I wanted to get done without being in pain, I would be able to get so much more done.  I really want to get all the laundry dealt with and to get the living room clean all the way and organize something.  I have no idea what exactly I intend to organize, but I want to sort stuff and … stuff.  I’d probably be terrific at any job that required someone to organize stuff all day long.  I would be so good at it.  Because I’m freakish like that.

Holy shit, I’m starting to get tired.  Maybe I’ll write something of substance tomorrow. 

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