Monday, May 9, 2011

Screen Resolutions and Sufficient Sleep

I have discovered that this computer resets itself to the lowest resolution possible whenever I restart it.  It's very ... special.  Fortunately, it lets me set it back on the correct resolution, so it no longer looks like crap.  I'm going to spend some time going through the ambient music I haven't sorted yet, and then probably resync the iPod today.  Hopefully, it won't lose my place in my audiobook, but in case it does, I'll be writing down where I am so I can return to it easily.  (Riveting, isn't it?)

The Toddler is currently chilling in his high chair, alternately eating his big toe and shoving it into his eye, between kisses.  Now he's telling his other foot hello.  I love how strange he is, he fits into this household so well.  He's very funny, he wanted to play with the green hairbrush (it used to be J's, but now it's a toy), and when I handed it to him, he gave it a hug.  Then again, he also kisses the vacuum, so it's not terribly surprising.  I'm going to have to vacuum the living room in a bit, he dumped all of his cereal on the floor earlier, so we'll see if he still wants to kiss it after that.

I got enough sleep last night!  I fell asleep around 11:00 and J and S let me sleep until about 8:00, when I woke up on my own due to the nightmare that I had, which of course I can't remember anything about other than J and S being in it.  Anyway, I wandered out of the bedroom (S let me sleep in there again last night), discovered M was up here, and ran and hid until I could find pants.  J found this hilarious, the bastard.

I need to go have some breakfast before I die.  I think I may have some strawberries or something.  I can't remember what all food we have in the house, but we have TONS.  Yay food!  Anyway, this morning is pretty decent, there's coffee and the Toddler is being pretty quiet, giving us some time to chill out and wake up before spending the entire day stopping him from destroying our stuff.

I'm not sure if we have any errands to do today or not, we keep forgetting to buy stuff at the store, so the list of things we're either out of or almost out of is growing because of this.  I guess we'll find out.  I don't know what else is planned for today, probably more laundry and getting the living room cleaned up.  I hope S has a nap today, she didn't get much sleep last night.

I've been talking to E online today.  For those not in the know, E is one of my best friends and we've been friends since we were nine.  She lives in the Nashville area now, so I don't see her very often.  In fact, the last time I saw her was for her wedding last May.  She's still thinking about getting divorced, incidentally, but hasn't done anything about it so far.  I feel bad that she's so unhappy with her life.  I don't even know why she married him, to be honest.  He's nothing like her.  Poor girl.

I'm not sure why, but I keep getting sucked into Caillou when I'm trying to do other things, and pretty soon I'm going to have every episode memorized.

Anyway, nothing much is happening today, and my attention span is starting to go, so I'm going to have to wrap this post up and write more later once my brain starts being a brain again.

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