Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pizza, Silly Songs, and Unemployment

Today wound up being a very full day, all things considered.  S and I ran errands, including a major grocery run, which ended in my hip grinding so badly that I could hardly make it through the store.  I single-handedly brought in all of the groceries because S really just can’t physically do that right now (though she’ll try if I let her), helped her set the Toddler up for lunch, then put away almost all the groceries myself.  What this means is that everything is nice and organized, which I quite like.  S and I seem to be the only people in the house that care if we can find food in the fridge. 

Anyway, after we got back, S got J up for the day, then the Toddler was put down for a nap, and then J went out to get some McDonald’s, and while he was gone, S was trying to make food in the kitchen for herself and managed to knock down a plate, which completely shattered all over the floor.  This would be the second time in 24 hours that something has been knocked down and broken in the kitchen.  The vacuum was necessary this time.  The plate-breakage is really my fault, though, I’m the one that stacked them haphazardly last night.  I had just finished vacuuming the area in the dining room that received a bit of plate shrapnel when Girl Child and J’s grandmother showed up (Girl Child spent the entire weekend with her great-grandmother).  While she was visiting with the family, I fixed S’s food for her so she wouldn’t have to get up again, and wound up collapsing on the couch in exhaustion.  My lunch wound up being a Choco Taco, which, while wonderful, is not really a sufficient lunch.

Just as J was getting ready to head out the door, S’s parents showed up for a visit.  I shall call them SM and SD, because they both have S names, too.  J had to go ahead and leave, and then the visiting commenced, coinciding with Toddler’s nap ending.  He was very adamant about being removed from his crib and jumped and screamed when it took me a moment to get to him.  I actually find his tantrums fairly hilarious, so this doesn’t really bother me, unless he screams directly into my ear.

Anyway, S’s parents ended up staying for dinner, and since we were already planning on having Papa Murphy’s, we just got a bigger size.  They got to see the Toddler after a quick shower, and have some cuddle time with him, and he seems to recognize them as Grandma and Grandpa, which is really cute, and there was a lot of fun this afternoon.  I got to play with the Girl Child some instead of arguing with her, too.  And we did some sort of strange group sing-along involving “The Song That Gets On Everybody’s Nerves” and “The Song That Never Ends” and other hilarity involving this type of thing.  Girl Child and I spoke whale at the tops of our voices.  (See Finding Nemo if you don’t understand.)

Anyway, I’ve spent a good portion of my afternoon and evening sorting some music for iTunes and adding it, and discovering that I have a ridiculous collection of music, and I seem never to run out of things I want to add.  Tomorrow, after I’m done sorting the rest of the unsorted stuff (I have a collection of ambient music and a collection of Randy Newman songs left to go through), I’m going to start going through what I have on iTunes itself to get the playlist parsed down to something a bit more manageable, and with less songs that I don’t really like.

I got an e-mail today from ADT informing me that they are not interested in hiring me.  Yipee.  No one is interested in hiring me.  I am so screwed.  I need a job.  I need a job that pays money and has health benefits, including vision and dental, and something to do with my brain other than surf the internet all day and play with the Toddler.  I’m very frustrated, I have actually made an effort to get a job, but no one will even give me a chance.  I hope we do move after we’re able to take M, maybe a different job market will help, maybe I’ll find a job then.  I mean, I’m not excited at the prospect of having to wait two years to get a job and I hope that I find SOMETHING in the next few months, but I’m starting to think that there really is nothing out there for me.

Anyway, I’m off to bed in a little bit in an effort to not feel like I’ve been beaten to death and reanimated by a sadist when I wake up.

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