Monday, May 30, 2011

Laundry, Plans for the Week, and An Obsession with Chocolate

I really shouldn't try to write blog posts when I'm tired.  That's really why I haven't been posting lately - I've been tired for the whole week.  It's been kind of awful.  Anyway, I was looking over last night's post, and found lots of really weird bits where the words in the sentences didn't make sense.

I was so desperate for chocolate earlier that I mixed together some baking cocoa, sugar, a bit of butter, a bit of milk, vanilla extract, and a little cinnamon together to create a concoction that was sort of a cross between chocolate syrup and liquefied candy bar, which was more what I was going for.  I'm not sure what I'd need to do to improve this, but I was impressed with myself for my first attempt.  It was so rich, though, that I had to add more milk to it so I could ingest it and get some form of chocolate.  Oh my god chocolate, how I love you.  I'd love you more if I could type properly, but between the keyboard slowly dying and my dyslexic fingers, I'm screwed on that one.

After the Toddler and S wake up (they are napping), we are going to the store.  I have forgotten what we're buying, but I hope it's chocolatey.  Because everything seriously needs to be made out of chocolate right now.  I want to live in a chocolate house and just take great big bites out of the walls.

I am not normal.

The Girl Child has yet to return home from her visit with her best friend, who is in town visiting her dad for the summer.  (Girl Child's best friend currently lives in New Mexico with her mother and only sees her father during school breaks.)  Don't worry, I'll think of an abbreviation for the girl sometime soon - I'll need to, as she'll be around a lot, hanging out with Girl Child.

E is coming into town this Thursday.  We're going to go out for an activity of some sort that will surely involve eating food, and then she'll drop me back at home and continue on to her dad's house.  She comes back to Kansas every summer for Royal Family Kids Camp, which is a summer camp for abused and neglected children, and the last couple of times, she's managed to stop by to visit me for at least a little bit, either going to her dad's or on the way back to Nashville.  I can't wait to see her, though I imagine she'll be horrorstruck by how fat I've gotten just since last year.  At least this time my hair isn't all falling out from hair dye, too.

I need to start finding clothes for going to the store and stuff, the Toddler has been asleep for ages, so I'm pretty sure he'll wake up soon.  He may not, though - he woke up at 3:00 and stayed up.  Only after bashing S and me with his head when S was trying to get him to sleep with her in the bed.  I'm not sure what time S got up this morning, because I was asleep and didn't wake up until 9:00 this morning.  I thought J was a fold in the blankets on the other side of the bed and accidentally kicked him, but all he did was roll over and stick his arms out weirdly, so I guess I didn't hurt him.

I'm hoping this week we can take ALL the laundry to the laundromat and just get it all washed at once.  And get Girl Child's room cleaned out so there's room to put all her clothes away so she'll stop stealing all the laundry baskets.

Today I need to find as many of my clothes as possible and wash them; I'm completely out of clothes and I'm really annoyed about it.

Anyway, obviously today isn't the most exciting day ever.  It's hot and muggy and disgusting outside.  I'm going to get dressed the rest of the way and then work on my crocheting some more, though I think I'll temporarily abandon the bag for awhile because I really want to get started on the actual work of getting the afghan all put together and stuff.

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