Thursday, May 5, 2011

Flash Mobs and Sleep Deprivation

Happy Cinco de Mayo!  S and I just remembered about a flash mob that’s going to happen at Crown Center either tonight at 7:00 or on the 10th at 7:00.  Pregnant women and moms wearing babies, but we can’t remember what they’re going to do or exactly when it’s happening.  S is trying to find information on it, but we can’t figure out when it’s supposed to be because we’re getting both dates when we find any info at all, and I don’t think we’d be able to go regardless due to the car situation.  Suck.

S’s mom, SM (her name also starts with an S!), visited earlier before she went to work to pick up a flash drive of some recent pictures of the kids to show S’s grandfather this weekend.  She’s really nice, the Toddler hung out with her for awhile and played with the crocheted balls she made for him.  (She keeps having to make more because Sunshine eats them.)  She’s done something different with her hair, I really like it and think I’ll have to ask her how she did it.

I managed to get to sleep a little after midnight, about three hours after I’d have liked to fall asleep, but it’s not really possible for me to go to sleep before at least 10:00 since I sleep in the living room and Girl Child’s bed time isn’t until then.  I also was woken up by J and M talking at about 5:00 this morning, J doesn’t really have an indoor voice and tends to speak loudly when he’s excited or jazzed up about something like I do, and I understand that, but I really wish he’d have his verbal conversations somewhere I’m not trying to sleep, given that I’m trying to get up by 7:00 every day.  Maybe he and M could pass notes like middle schoolers or something.

I’m actually really worried about how this sleep schedule will affect D&D this weekend, because I highly doubt I’ll be able to stay up very late, especially not if I have to get up at 7:00 the next day to help with Toddler.  We need one more adult or something with S laid up to help chase the toddler and do the child carrying and time outs and stuff in the early mornings on Sundays, because otherwise I’m going to want to kill myself.  I wish Toddler slept later.  I know it’s not really a plausible idea, I’m just really sad that we won’t get to have an epic gaming session this weekend, since we never manage to really get started until after about 9:00.  Maybe next weekend will be better.  I’m really excited about the next few sessions, we’re doing another dungeon crawl, and it’s two dungeon maps I designed put together.  J (the DM for this campaign) won’t tell me which ones because he doesn’t want me to meta-game, but I just want to know which maps they are!  Ha.  I can’t wait, really. 

I never got any laundry done yesterday (again) because I forgot.  I am full of fail!  I seriously need to get on that, though, S, the Toddler, and I are all swiftly running out of clothes.  J probably is, too, but he has decided he wants to wash his own clothes because he doesn’t like how I hang them up in the closet or something.  I think.  Girl Child knows how to do her laundry herself, but she uses it as an excuse to go downstairs and hang out with M and doesn’t actually get any of it done, which I find rather irritating.  Sometimes I’m tempted to throw away all of her dirty laundry because most of it has been dirty for months because she washes only her favorites and wears them over and over.  Kids.  *sigh*  It’s okay, though, once we go through her clothes and get rid of all the ones she won’t wear or doesn’t wear ever or don’t fit, there will be a lot less of her clothes.  We need to go through the Toddler’s clothes and get rid of all of his that are too small that aren’t keepsakes.  This cycle is just never ending, we’ve got three and a half bags of clothes to donate already.  Arrrgh, laundry!  (And don’t worry, I would never actually throw away her clothes.)

The Toddler is currently watching some sort of bizarre show with clay-looking people wigging out over laundry (hahaha) and all of them have Scottish or funky British accents.  It’s very odd.  Apparently, it’s something about firefighters, so I’m very confused about why they’re freaking out over the laundry.  And why on earth are they keeping the laundry basket under the bathroom sink?!

After the Toddler is finally done eating his breakfast (he’s ignoring it), he and I are going to have a shower and get all clean (his hair is crispy after he rubbed a banana in it last night and S tried to get it out with a baby wipe), and I think we’re doing something today, but I can’t remember what.  Fairly sure we’re going to the store or the library, but I may have lost my mind.  I know S said last night she’s buying more cigarettes today, so I imagine we’ll do a buttload of stuff while we’re out so S doesn’t have to try to get out to the car more than once or twice today.

S and I have managed to find a morning rhythm that is working fairly well, usually I’ll get the high chair out and lower it so S can clean it out, bring out Toddler’s food, and put Toddler on the couch so she can put him in and feed him, then I’ll either wash a sippy cup and get him some milk or I’ll add milk to the one in the fridge from last night (like this morning), then I’ll make coffee (S did it this morning, what a shock, I let her do something!), and once it’s brewed, I’ll make us both giant mugs of coffee and find myself some breakfast because I have to eat pretty quickly after I wake up or I’m screwed for the whole day.  I’ve been trying to handle most of the diaper changes for S so she doesn’t have to deal with the kicking and thrashing because I’m terrified the Toddler will hurt her and she’s really in enough pain as it is.

I’m hoping I’ll suck less today and actually get something done in the house.  I just wish I didn’t feel so weak and exhausted.  I’m so sleeping for a week after S is completely recovered.

Also, I updated my featured photo to the right to one of my favorite pictures of the dogs.

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