Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Today Was a Good Day

Today was a good day.

Despite all the turmoil and the arguing with Girl Child, today was a good day.

Despite all my inner turmoil regarding his new relationship, barely five months after ending our engagement, today was a good day.

My back hurts, I'm exhausted, and it seems that the laundry pile breeds in the night and grows in new and exciting ways every time my back is turned and I feel like I'll never completely finish, but today was a good day.

There were laughs with M and S and G, and listening to the banter between them was entertaining.  I laughed at Hyperbole and a Half, because the Simple Dog stories never fail to crack me up.  I helped Girl Child with reformatting her blog and gave the Toddler a shower after he coated himself in a sheen of barbecue sauce, had Taco Bell for dinner, and read a bit more of my Bill Bryson book.  I got the trash bags out of the kitchen.  I ran errands with S driving and waiting in the car for me (taking the Toddler to the store alone is a bit of an adventure, especially since he's developed an obsession with my hair), managed to get half a grocery list worth of food and picked up my library books.

Despite how stressed I've been today (which is probably more due to the scant five hours of sleep I had last night than today's events, to tell the truth), despite everything, today has been a good day.

I even managed to get along with the Girl Child this evening, which was nice.  I like it when we get along.

I didn't vacuum anything, but M helped me get the laundry that's in baskets downstairs so I can get started on that already.  If Girl Child ever gets her room clean, we can have her put her clean clothes away and have use of a basket for more clothes again.  It really does seem like the laundry is neverending.

I'm going to go to sleep tonight thankful that I am surrounded by these wonderful people I can call my adopted family.

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