Monday, May 2, 2011

Tendons and Tantrums

So today started with me going back to bed when S and the toddler got up this morning, and sleeping until it was time to put the toddler down for his nap.  Today went pretty much as normal as far as days go, until S had to go to the grocery store to get J his work food, and while she was there, she managed to completely destroy her tendon in her arch and possibly her ACL.  Yipee.  Poor thing.

The toddler spent a good amount of the time he was awake today throwing temper tantrum after temper tantrum.  He even bit me during a time-out, and screamed like he was being kidnapped when I prevented him from running into the street, which was awkward since it was during rush hour and the neighbors were out.  Then Girl Child scolded me for restraining him so he wouldn't, you know, bash his face on the concrete.

Now we're sitting in the living room, S with her wrapped-up foot on a stack of pillows and an upside down pillow chair and a bendy straw taped to the straw for her Sonic drink so she doesn't have to sit completely forward every time she gets thirsty.  I've managed to do something to damage my right heel and my back is killing me, so yaaay, once again we make one live person and one dead person.  :P

M bought us dinner so we wouldn't have to worry about trying to figure out how to handle that with S being in so much pain, which was just awesome of him.  He's so cool.

Other events of the day include me getting completely soaked trying to bathe the toddler and starting a new Bill Bryson book, which was actually written when I was two years old.  The man is hilarious.  I'm reading The Lost Continent: Travels in Small-Town America, and it's so funny.

Well, that's really all for today.  Just every day type of stuff.

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