Tuesday, August 30, 2011

To Me, Benadryl IS The Good Stuff

Okay, so there are things you should probably not do if you want to function for the rest of the day.  Taking a Benadryl because you miss eating bananas is one of these things.

I can barely write this post, which is rather unfortunate, as I have a bunch of links.  But I'm all slurry and stuff and can't really talk at all.  Or write or something.  Whatever I'm trying to say.  Maybe you understand.  I'm not sure I do.

I picked up the bras I bought.  The one for me didn't fit at all, and they didn't have it in stock online or in the store in the color I wanted in the size that fits, so I had to get a different color, which I was sad about, because it was the most awesome shade of magenta ever.  This is very boo.  But yay, because it fits and looks terrific on me.

I had a pretty day today.  There are pictures, but I can't show them to anyone because my USB ports don't work properly.  Bad Frankenstein, no biscuit.  I almost wrote business.  That was hard.  I don't normally have problems remembering how to spell words, but I can't today.  Because Benadryl IS the good stuff to me.

So this is going to have to be a really short post.  Because I'm not sure I can sustain this amount of typing for much longer, and I'm pretty sure none of this makes sense.  Maybe it does.  I don't know.  The mall was ridiculous today.  The Toddler was scared of the Disney store.  Uh.  Stuff happened.  S and I are quitting smoking as of tonight.  After we go to bed, there will be no more smokey treats.  J will be smoking outside until he quits.  If he does.  I hope he does.  But yeah.  I'm tired of how they make me feel sometimes and stuff.

Anyway.  Wow, I'm just getting more disjointed.  So.  I will write in normal words tomorrow when I am not on drugs.  I didn't think Benadryl counted as a drug, but what do I know?  Also, the shift key is a poor substitute for a space bar. Yeah.  Okay.  Done.

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