Monday, August 15, 2011

I Am Boring

This is a boring post.

E is coming to town (for a funeral, unfortunately), and I'm going to get to see her and LK while she's here.  The funeral is tomorrow, so today E and I are going shopping with her dad because he needs a new suit, and her dad is picking me up on the way to the airport to pick E up.  I'm hanging out with E tonight, and then going to Topeka to spend the day with LK tomorrow (the funeral is for E's stepmother's father, who I've never met, so even though E said LK and I are welcome to come to the funeral, I'm not comfortable going since I never met the man), and then on Wednesday, the three of us will spend some time together before E's dad takes me home and E back to the airport to go back to Nashville.

In preparation of all of this, I packed almost everything I'll need last night (going to have to de-pack my cell phone charger as soon as I finish this post, though, as my phone is almost dead), and this morning I finally folded and put away all the clothes that have been sitting in the living room being ignored because I hate getting sweaty, which happens every time I fold laundry.  Upside, all the laundry is put away now, and we're working on figuring out a system for where the laundry baskets will be kept when they're not full of clean laundry, since I'm generally keeping up really well with the laundry.  There's no longer about 20 loads of dirty laundry anymore, at least.  (Laundry for five people and the household takes up a lot of space when you decide to suck at doing the laundry.)

In any case, I am highly unlikely to make a blog post until at least Wednesday night, and probably not then because I imagine I'll be too tired to post.

Anyway, in other news, today is Girl Child's first day of school.  It's really weird not having her here, I keep forgetting she's at school, and forgetting that we have to be home when she gets home.  Lots of weirdness in this.  I've gotten so used to having her around that it's just downright strange that she's in school.  Girl Child is also really weird.  When I went into her room to put her laundry on her bed for her to put away, I noticed she had taped a Joker playing card to her laptop.  She's so weird.  I love that about her.

And... that's really it.  Nothing truly interesting has been happening.  I think J forgot to look at the laptop and see if he could fix the power button on it, so I imagine I'll have to wait until next week for him to look at it when I'll be home to remind him.  At least I still have some sort of computer available to use.

Also, it's raining, and other than that being irritating for the errands we have to run today, I'm quite happy about it.  We could really use the rain.  Even if it has been raining for the last four hours.

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