Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I Can't Think of Anything to Put Here

I've been out of the house more today than I have in the past week.  We went to the grocery store, my bank, and Wal-Mart, where I got some schizophrenic Halloween underwear and a glow-in-the-dark Toy Story shirt, but I forgot to get nail files and a new toothbrush and we never got anything for J for his lunch at work, so we're going to have to go out again.  We took the Toddler to Arby's for a quick lunch, and he got to sit on the bench next to S like a big boy, which was really cute.

Why is it that we always have lots of errands on days when there's a heat advisory?  It's some sort of... can't think of the word, but it's like the world is working against us.  S can't think of the word I want, either.  Stupid brain.

Today, I ordered some stuff online, one of which I am really excited about -  this shirt.  Oh yes.  I am so excited.

I'm still using the No 'Poo treatment, and my hair is wonderful.  I have next to no frizz, except on particularly humid days, so this winter will probably be wonderful.  My hair feels much thicker and silkier, and it's much easier to get a brush through it, unless it's in the morning.  I think I get in a wrestling match with my pillows or something when I'm sleeping, because I always wake up with the craziest morning hair ever.  It almost tops how I remember my mother's from when I was little.  Then again, she's always had curly hair, so her hair will always be crazier than mine.  Anyway.  My hair is great, and since S is also using the same stuff, we're saving about $240 a year, because we're not buying shampoo for each of us anymore.  (Everyone in the house has different hair types, so each person needs their own shampoo when we buy commercial shampoo.)  But that's a ridiculous amount of money we're saving by not having to buy shampoo and conditioner, not to mention styling products!

In other "crunchy" news, I still really want to make my own body wash.  I'll probably do that after I have a job and have the money to throw at it so I can get really nice stuff.

The dogs never got bathed last night because S was in too much pain and I was too tired.  We have to get it done sometime soon, but I don't even know when we'll be able to.  Whee!

Speaking of dogs, Shadow was just laying all over me.  He just leaped off the couch, though.  And now the baby is awake, so this post is done, because we have to get dressed all over again and go out and finish errands.  And oh god, the laundry!

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