Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Epic Mall Trip with Clarification

Okay, so now that I'm not all goofy on a single Benadryl, I figured I'd actually write about yesterday in a way that made more sense than yesterday's post.  If I can manage to type like a human, I'm failing today.

Anyway, yesterday morning, we went out to go to the mall to pick up the bras.  As I said yesterday, mine didn't fit, which was pretty disappointing.  I wound up exchanging it for one that fit really well that they had in stock in the store, because they didn't have the color I wanted in the size I needed at all, not even online.  And it really was the most excellent shade of magenta.  Of course, it wound up taking almost an hour to get all of that sorted out, because we had to first find the right size, and then I ended up with the same saleslady who sold me the jeans I bought there not too long ago, and she was awful.  I started with the awesome manager, but was unfortunate enough to end up with the saleslady again.  She was inappropriate and pushy and just like last time, insisted that I sign up for a Lane Bryant card, to "save" money.  Thing is, she bugged me about it so much last time that I gave in and let her sign me up, and was still declined, and she still sold my jeans for the wrong price.  Anyway, this time she decided to do the return separately from purchasing the correct size, I assume so she could get the commission, but she fucked me over by doing that, because when she returned it, it went back to my card, but that wasn't going to post right away because, you know, bank, and I didn't have any money left.  So at first, it looked like I wasn't going to leave with a bra, and I was just getting angrier and angrier with her because she was a flaming idiot, and then the manager came over and fixed it by voiding the return so it never happened, and then processing it as an even exchange instead.  The saleslady was also rude when she thought I was ordering it from online to be delivered to my house (when we were checking to see if they had it in the color I wanted online), but when we discovered they had the same color options online as in the store, I wound up with one from the store, and she was nicer after that.  So the dumb bitch was just after a commission, but apparently doesn't understand that if you want repeat customers, you can't only care about the commission.  Also, she was snarky again when the manager fixed it so it was an even exchange.  Not the best shopping experience in the world.  She should really learn that giving the best customer service experience possible is much more important than getting her commission.

Anyway, I got home, took photos (including a photo for ThinkGeek of my Firefly shirt), and decided I missed eating bananas.  So I made a peanut butter and banana sandwich with a hilarious amount of peanut butter after taking a single Benadryl about 20 minutes before I started eating.  Even with the Benadryl in my system, my tongue still swelled a little, and the roof of my mouth was a bit itchy, but it was nothing compared to how it would have been had I not taken the Benadryl.  This also resulted in yesterday's rather special blog post.

Also, as briefly mentioned yesterday, I looked really good.  I even took pictures.  I even changed my Facebook and Google+ profile pictures to pictures of my face for the first time in months.  (Well, first time ever for Google+.)  Also, the hat I made for myself last summer now looks really good on me because my hair has grown enough that it no longer looks silly. 

Woo!  Well, anyway, the Benadryl made me very sleepy, which was kind of bad, since I was supposed to be watching the Toddler for S for a little while, but she got Girl Child to help me.  Well, until Girl Child got distracted and went to her room, at which point I held the Toddler on my lap on the big chair by the TV so he could watch Sprout and I could sort of sleep - I'd wake up every time he moved, so it worked pretty well.  Then S came back and I was able to sort of just sit and feel tired.

So that was yesterday.  Today has been pretty uneventful, but I haven't been awake all that long, and the most exciting thing that's happened is that a door to door salesman showed up and made the dogs bark.  There are links, though, because I'm tired of having a million tabs open on Firefox.

Links Round-Up

Someone had an idea of how to help fix the economy, except that we all know that no bank would ever do this, because they care much more about profits than about fixing things.

The nurse that did this was a moron, and I hope like hell that none of the patients affected by this caught anything from her doing this.  Oh my god.

A woman who used to be a fashion merchandiser and is now a sociologist is committing to a year without mirrors, due to her fear that she will start having problems with her body image again.  It's kind of interesting.

Michele Bachmann is making more gaffes than I think Sarah Palin did.  This is one of the more idiotic things I've ever heard.  Especially since no one's god should have a place in government.

How the ink industry really works.  (Comic)

How Internet Explorer 10 should actually work, thus making it the best browser ever.  (Image)

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