Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Lazy Blogger and the Linktastic Post

Okay. I should write an update.

Things around here have been great. Really. Life is awesome, everyone here rocks. Girl Child finally came home yesterday afternoon, and it was great to see her. She's such an awesome kid. I really like it when she comes home after she's been away for awhile, it reminds me how much I love her and how great she really is, which I sometimes forget when I see her all the time.

Yesterday was S's birthday, as I mentioned in my ridiculously short post last night. My mother was nice and sent me some money so I could get some stuff that I've been needing that J and S can't really afford to get for me, and I spent some of it on S's birthday - I got her a Shoebox (Hallmark) card that has a dog birthday party, and the dog has just opened a present with a candle inside and the speech bubble says, "Butt-scented! My favorite!" I don't remember what the inside of the card says, but I was looking at noisy cards and happened to glance over and see that one and knew it was The Card. S liked it, I think. I also got her a new pack of white t-shirts, because the ones she already has are kind of dying, and she really likes wearing t-shirts.

I also spent some of the money on the kids - I got Girl Child a new shirt and vest combo that is terrific and will look wonderful on her for school, and the Toddler got a brown onesie that says, "My Mommy is exhausted," which I thought was very apt, since the primary reason S is always so tired is because of him. I can't wait for him to wear it, I'm so amused. I got some stuff for me, too, and am planning on ordering a pair of jeans that will actually fit me online from Old Navy this week.

In boring laundry news, I'm almost completely caught up. I have two hampers of laundry left that is dirty, plus the comforter that J and S usually use on their bed needs to be rewashed - Girl Child didn't check it when she brought it upstairs from the dryer, and it was still wet, and then it got on the floor. Yipee. I have a lot of folding to do, but I'm not terribly interested in doing that at the moment.

I cooked dinner last night because it was S's birthday. If you have back problems, you should not go on an epic Wal-Mart expedition and then try to cook a giant meal. I could barely walk when I got up this morning (hence my disinterest in folding laundry), and it took a hot shower to loosen everything up to the point that I'm able to at least move fairly well.

I'm going to be making tuna goop at some point today, which is a recipe of GM's mother's that I learned in 2004. I have also learned that usually when I make it, no one but me likes it. I think it's just wonderful. I'm planning on making curry soon, too, but definitely not tonight. Hell no.

Last night while I was cooking and singing very loudly, J and S rearranged the living room. J's desk is now against the wall the coffee table (cedar chest) was against, and a bunch of stuff in front of the fireplace has been moved to the corner where the desk was. It really opened up the room. The only downside I've seen so far (other than the Toddler constantly messing with J's desk and chair) is that I can't see the TV if J is awake because his chair is in the way - I'll have to move the chair across the room in order to see the TV from my spot on the couch at all, or else move to the big chair right next to the TV to watch anything, and since I'm pretty sure I've got some form of ADD, it'll be difficult for me to watch anything without having my computer, which can't be moved. (The battery doesn't work at all on this laptop, so if it gets unplugged, it immediately turns off, so I'd have to completely shut it down, transfer my entire TV tray and computer across the room, string an extension cord across the room, and generally create a hazard to have my computer in the chair.)

J's new work schedule is working out wonderfully for everyone - I can sleep in the living room without being disturbed on the nights he works, J is getting enough sleep and is much less grumpy, and he's up when we're awake more because he stays up until about noon and then gets up in the early evening before the Toddler goes to bed.

So I'm still experimenting with no 'poo, and it's weird. My hair feels kind of okay and kind of awful right now (I washed it this morning), and it's still damp, so it may turn out to feel great once it's all dry, or it may just feel like poop. It's a tossup.

I'm so glad the heat wave finally broke. It feels wonderful outside right now, and it's making me very excited for fall, which has become my favorite season.

Yesterday I wrote a summary of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows for someone who hasn't read the books since Prisoner of Azkaban, but has seen the movies. (She asked me to explain what happened after the events of Half-Blood Prince after I expressed horror at her asking if Snape was Harry's father.) I condensed the entire book into four pages, and a little over 2,000 words. It took almost an hour to type, maybe longer. I also learned that the character cap for Facebook comments is 8,000 characters, so when you write something with over 10,000 characters, it will sort of explode. I'm very glad I had the forethought to copy the full text and paste it in a Google document before I tried to post it.

I have a lot of links to post, because I've been collecting them for days. And a good bit of them will require me to bitch quite a bit, because a lot of them make me angry.

Link Round-Up

According to this Senate candidate, welfare recipients are like raccoons.  They want to get the easiest way to live possible, and of course there's no possibility that they just might not be able to find work.

Michele Bachmann is a really, really big hypocrite, and I'm terrified that she's going to make it past the primaries.  I'm definitely voting for each election that I can vote in, to try to keep her ass from ever being President.

Truck drivers are seriously underappreciated, and this story really points out what it's like for truck drivers in this day and age.

Apparently what's happening with E and her marriage (she knew she didn't want to get married before the wedding but felt like she couldn't back out after all the expense and everything) is becoming a really common thing among women who get divorced.  I still say she was dumb for not telling me she didn't want to get married before the wedding - I'd have stopped the wedding.

The fashion industry is sexualizing 10-year-olds now.  Lovely.  Poor little thing.

These people are assholes and their smug, snide attitude about what they did makes me so angry.

I find the concept of courtroom dogs very interesting, and it certainly would have helped me when I had to testify in 2001.  Of course, because the dogs are cute, that will totally sway the jury to convict the defendant.  I hate lawyers.

I can't imagine how it must feel to move to America from the country of your birth, live and work in America for over 20 years, and then be asked to be Prime Minister of your home country and live there for nine months as Prime Minister before going back to America and your cubicle at your job that you've had for 20 years.  that must have been so surreal.

Apparently what you eat during pregnancy and while breastfeeding will affect what foods your baby will enjoy eating as they're older.

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