Monday, June 13, 2011

Nothing to See Here

Sorry sorry sorry.

I meant to post periodically this week, but I am full of fail and keep putting it off or finding something else to do.  I don't really remember what happened in the last week, nothing special.  I have been acquiring a lot of obscure, badly made disaster movies made by people who don't understand science, which S and I have been watching with relish.  Why do the made-for-TV ones always have horrible effects at the beginning?

Nothing of note has been happening lately.  Just the usual boring stuff.  The only excitement lately has been with Girl Child, who went to a water park with her best friend and got a sunburn over most of her body, resulting in sunsickness, so we've all been taking care of her (mostly S and J, but I've been helping her out when necessary).  Poor kid is miserable, I hope she gets better soon.  We even had to end our D&D session early on Saturday night because she fainted, it was scary.  She's doing a lot better now, though.

My sleep schedule has been screwed lately.  However, I figured out how to sleep much more deeply and not be woken up randomly for no reason - Benadryl.  I was having some issues with being allergic to something last night, so I took three, and I ended up sleeping hard until 10:00 this morning.  I actually feel rested for once, unlike yesterday, when I slept for 10 hours and still felt like poop.  I got about eight hours last night (it took forever for me to fall asleep until I took the Benadryl), and I feel like something approaching normal.

I talked to E via texting last night and I may be getting the rest of my stuff back from her dad's storage soonish, depending on what S and J say about it after we rearrange bedrooms.

I sorted some of my files that are on J's computer (because my external broke and I don't have room on this computer) and deleted a lot - almost 2,000 files.  I have more work to do, but things are a bit more organized than they were, even though there's a folder that decided to be broken on there that I can't delete.  I hate that; not being able to do whatever I want with my files drives me nuts.  If I want to delete it, just fucking let me, Windows!  I deleted almost all of the pictures of the ex that I had on there, I'm finally at the point where it's not heartwrenching for me to go through them and delete the ones I don't care about.  I don't want to delete everything, there's no point erasing the memories, but I don't need his baby pictures, for instance.  And things were good in the beginning, before it all fell apart.  Most of the files on there are actually Sims-related - I have about 35,000 individual files in my folder, and most of them pertain to custom content for Sims 2.  I do love custom content, as long as it doesn't break the game.  (Which is why I stopped using Inteenimater - it will sometimes cause fatal errors in the game and force you to uninstall it and thus lose the entire save file and all the work involved.)

S and I were trying to watch Category 6: Day of Destruction (having watched 10.5 and 10.5: Apocalypse over the last few days), but the Toddler is being a butt and stealing stuff from Girl Child's spot in her chair and generally being a normal toddler.  All toddlers are obnoxious.  It's a fact of life.  So no, I'm not mad, he's just being what he is, and it wouldn't be fair to him to be mad at him for that.  Yeah, it's irritating, but he'll outgrow it eventually.  I'll be really happy when he gets out of the grabbing everything stage, though.  And the screaming louder than the TV thing so we can't watch stuff thing.  Heh.  Really, though, I love him and I don't mind much, because it's so cool to watch him grow up and develop and learn and stuff.

Anyway, I don't have anything special to say, nothing interesting is going on, as I've said.

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