Monday, June 6, 2011

My Life is an Oddity

I've spent most of the morning reading various news articles and looking up disaster movies and TV shows I find interesting.  I can't find anything that would allow me to watch Mega Disasters (the primary one I'm interested in watching, of course), but hopefully I'll find something soon.

I love watching hypothetical/fictional disasters in movies and on TV shows.  I like the hysteria, the little CGI cities being ripped to shreds, the explosions.  I am a serious dork.  I love 2012Twister was my favorite movie when I was little, and also Night of the Twisters, which is so bad it's good.  I liked Dante's Peak and I haven't seen Volcano yet, but it's on the list.  I want to be in possession of every disaster movie that was any good.  I don't mind cheesy special effects, the more destruction the better!  Like The Core, or epic earthquake movies, documentaries about what might happen if a super tornado hit, or if Mount Rainer erupted cataclysmically, or if a really big hurricane hit New York City.

God, I love a good, cheesy disaster movie.

The Toddler is currently down for a nap - I'm not sure how long he'll sleep, since S had to move his bedtime to 9:00 so he'd stop waking up at 1 AM and stay awake all night.  S decided that she needed one, too, and after she gets up, we're going to the library so I can drop off those books that I deem useless and pick up my new holds (whee!), and then I think we have an errand or three, but I'm not sure.  Pretty stoked about the books, though, I believe one of them is crochet amigurumi of things like zombies and monsters, and I'm all for having patterns for those kinds of things.  Poor Toddler, by the time he's five, he's going to have a bedroom filled entirely with zombies, Cthulhu stuffies, monsters, and other strange oddities.

My life is an oddity.

The Girl Child has rearisen - I was previously the only person awake.  Because of the various sleeping schedules of the inhabitants of this house, it almost never transpires that we are all awake or all asleep at the same time.  I in fact remember very few occasions where we have all been asleep at the same time - there was one day when everyone who doesn't work nights was napping at the same time that J and M were sleeping, including the dogs, but I can think of no other occasions when this has occurred.  This morning, we were actually all awake at once, which is a much more common occurrence when J stays up late, unless I happen to stay asleep when the Toddler wakes up.  There's a lot of activity in the mornings, usually, with everyone running around and talking all at once and dogs and baby and Girl Child cavorting about, and J and M shouting stories at each other over the din.  I love being here.

Anyway, now it's just me and Girl Child, and hopefully soon S and the Toddler will be up.  The Toddler's been asleep for about two hours now, so I can't imagine he'll sleep for much longer, unless he takes another epic 3-hour nap.  So, now it is time to go to the kitchen and gorge myself on something random because I keep forgetting about the existence of real food.  Mmm, real food.  I like food.  I think I'll go searching for some.

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