Saturday, June 25, 2011

Art, Weird Dreams, and Laundry

I didn't do anything yesterday.  I did a couple loads of laundry, one of which was necessitated by J using the weedwhacker on all the weeds and cutting down all the saplings in the back, and his whole body ended up contaminated with poison ivy.  Wheeee!  Fortunately, he seems to be one of those rare people who doesn't react to poison ivy, because so far he hasn't developed a rash at all.  Lucky man.

I did some more art with Sharpies yesterday while watching Firefly.  Some of them turned out pretty interesting.  However, I've also finished the series, so all I've got is the movie now, and then I'm going to have to find something else to have on while I draw.  S told me that I could probably sell some of my art and make some good money with some of it - particularly an acrylic painting I made in 2005 that's of a naked female torso.  A blue naked female torso.  Apparently that could be worth a lot, according to S.  I don't particularly think I'm all that talented - the things S draws are much more beautiful than the things I've made.  Anyway, the Sharpie drawings are apparently not too bad either, just psychedelic.  Heh.

J took the eight million loads of dirty laundry downstairs last night while I was sleeping, which is awesome.  Once my back stops hurting, I'm going to get started on that stuff.  For some reason, I always wake up in a lot of pain, no matter where I sleep, and it makes it difficult to move around for a couple of hours after waking.

This morning, I had a bizarre dream where first I was in a house with some people - this part is really fuzzy.  Robin Williams was there, though.  Then I was fixing something at the church I attended as a child with my grandparents in the restroom.  Father Frank was there, sort of.  I was both 11 and 24, at the same time, in that weird way dreams have of allowing things to be that way.  Anyway, I had a good conversation with a boy I attended elementary school with that I was sometimes friends with - he went to my 11th birthday party, but we didn't hang out a whole lot because boys and girls don't really hang out at that age.  We were, I think, the only two kids in our grade who weren't being raised by our parents.  He was being raised by his grandmother (possibly his grandparents, we weren't close so I don't know), and I was being raised by my grandparents, and our parents were otherwise absent.  Anyway, we were chatting in church and then there were some stairs and then I went outside for a smoke, which was the weird part, because I wasn't really eleven.  I was wearing a really awesome skirt and a jacket and something else.  And my awesome green hat, or something similar.  Anyway, a storm was beginning, and I was trying to find a place to go that I wouldn't get caught smoking because I didn't want to be expelled.  And then S yelled, "You are so cute!" in the living room, and I turned around and suddenly I woke up.

Yesterday, S had to take Sunshine to the vet again because she has been acting funny and we were worried that she might actually have some nerve damage or something - she won't go outside to pee or anything, and she's been very fearful since she got hit by the car.  We thought that there was a high likelihood that S and Girl Child were going to come home without her, so there was a lot of crying while we were getting everything ready for the vet trip, but Sunshine seems to be fine, and the vet has her on anti-anxiety meds now.  I think she's doing better, she even got a little excited about me petting her when I got up this morning.  The meds also help her pain, so hopefully that'll fix her up until she's completely healed and she forgets about getting hit by a car.  Unfortunately, the dumbass keeps trying to escape out the front door - she won't go outside to potty where it's safe in the back yard, but she's perfectly happy to endanger her life by attempting to go out the front door.  Stupid dog.

We've got Aladdin on, which makes me very happy - I love that movie.  It was my favorite in second grade.

Anyway, once I wake up some, I'm going to start some laundry and then ... do... stuff?

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