Thursday, June 23, 2011

Epic Laundry Day

Girl Child is wonderful.  I’ve spent a huge portion of today folding all the clean laundry (seven baskets or so and a very large hamper), while S hung up all of the hanging stuff and sorted out what she’s going to deal with tomorrow, and after I folded all of Girl Child’s clean clothes for her, I asked her to please put it all away in her dresser (as I need the basket, there’s a similar proportion of dirty laundry that needs to be taken down).  She did it without arguing, gave me the basket, and offered to assist me in collecting all the dirty laundry and getting it into baskets to take downstairs.  I love it when she’s wonderful.

I feel really accomplished after getting all that done - everyone now has clean clothes that they can find!  We even reorganized the system we had for the Toddler’s clothes and bedding, and we’ve already collected a bunch of clothes for donations out of the clean laundry.  Well, there’s still the socks, but there’s always the socks.  I don’t think we’ll ever find all the socks.

Anyway, that’s pretty much what happened today.  I’ve started another Sharpie drawing, partly in anticipation of when we rearrange bedrooms so I can cover the walls with art.  Also because I really like being creative with Sharpies.  I miss the construction paper art I used to do, but there’s no space to do that here, at least right now.  Maybe after J installs the dishwasher so there’s more room in the living room.

Girl Child ended up not helping get the laundry collected - the Toddler helped me instead.  I’m exhausted.  There are five regular baskets, two large laundry bags, two small laundry baskets, and the huge hamper full of laundry.  I also managed to vacuum the hallway, and now the Toddler is in bed.

Actually, hanging out with the Toddler was a lot of fun, actually - I was folding a last load of clothing and singing to him and playing with him and generally having a blast with him.  Then I spent 45 minutes with him, putting all the dirty laundry in the newly emptied baskets, which was both frustrating and hilarious.

Woo hoo, laundry.

Anyway, I’ve got a lot more to do tonight before I get the chance to relax and die a little before I go pass out.

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