Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lots of Nonsense, Plus Links!!

Well, today hasn't been terribly exciting so far, just the usual stuff that happens around here - S and I made stupid faces at each other, the Toddler refused to nap until he fell asleep on me at 4:30, right before J and S were about to take him to see some family (of course), Girl Child is sick.. the usual, for the most part.  We're supposed to be having D&D tonight, so I may have exciting things to post tomorrow if W and A show up at a decent time for us to start game.  And if I get my ass off my computer and shower and nap.

Speaking of showering, today will be the day that I start the No 'Poo thing - I washed out some old travel bottles from when I went to England last year because the ones S bought aren't sufficient, and I will be mixing up my baking soda once I'm done writing this post and hopping in the shower, as you're supposed to mix it fresh.

I've been really slacking on the laundry and I kind of hate myself for it.  I think I may clean up the living room after my shower and vacuum, and then nap.  Actually, that's a stupid idea, I'll just get instantly sweaty and gross.  Okay.  I'll clean and vacuum, mix my baking soda, shower, let my hair dry, start a load of laundry, and nap.  There.  Hopefully I'll feel a little better when I wake up, as I've felt like poop all day.

I've got another link round-up from the course of the day - apparently I read enough news websites to qualify for a daily dose of links.  They'll be posted at the end.

Wow, there's just not a whole lot to say.  Today's just been a day.  The last few weeks have basically been the exact same, except I'm sucking with laundry the last couple weeks - I almost got completely finished and was all awesome and stuff, and then I just failed because I was so exhausted, and then it got so hot and I don't like to move at all when it's hot.  So I just suck and need to cut that shit out.

Anyway.  It's just me and Girl Child, and she's in her room.  It's really quiet.  And I have such strange taste in music.  I've been listening to Voltaire's Star Trek songs, and the CD Brent Spiner put out a few years ago today.  Combine that with all the other weird stuff I listen to, and you've got the ultimate dorky collection.  I have more music in that vein than anything else, probably.  I wonder when I started liking satirists so much?  (I've also got Garfunkel and Oates, Jonathan Coulton, Weird Al, and some other stuff I can't remember offhand right now - my playlist is currently over 2,500 songs strong, and the only thing I have in a truly high concentration is M's music - about 20% of my music library is him.)  And oh god, I just went from Zombies On Your Lawn to The Good Stuff by Kenny Chesney.  That is such a strange transition.

And now.. onward to... LINKS!!

Link Round-Up

This is one of the most terrifyingly mesmerizing music videos I've ever seen.  Oh. My. God.  I.. just.. what I don't even..

This is just asinine.  I hate commercials, and this is a big part of why.  It's so disturbing!

Here are some reasons why filesharing is good for music.

It's seriously time to allow change to happen, and if you don't understand computers, you should definitely step aside and not make laws about them.

I found this New York Times article about atheism being on the rise (written in 2009, but still fairly relevant) to be pretty interesting.

Michele Bachmann, who I hold in about as high regard as I do Sarah Palin, won't answer questions about the small business she and her husband own that she's always going on about.  Please don't let her be President, America.  That would really suck.

I officially love this lady.  Seriously, what a person!

I need to research this issue a bit more, but I'm not sure how I feel about e-tickets - it feels a little bit too Big Brother for me.  Do they zap the car and get the information, or is it just an electronic machine that they create the tickets on when they pull someone over?  Or maybe I'm just an idiot, because obviously they're still going to pull you over, so it must just be an electronic method instead of the paper method.  Duh, me.

I already do not like praying mantises (manti?), but this video is hilarious.  I love how the announcer is just dying with laughter at the end.  It definitely does not increase my love for the things, though.  Bleah!

Anyway, time to go do things!

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